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Sunday, 10 July 2011

AAR-MP3_001 **FREE** V.A Download *The Nuclear Fallout* Compilation

Download link is now live, click below.....

 The Nuclear Fallout (V.A) **FREE** compilation is*imminent*... links will be available on the day of release:25/07/2011!@ the following sites!


FEAT: Nevermind [U.S], iGoA [D.E], Leipzig Terror Sqaud [D.E], Disco Cunt [D.E], The Noisy Terrorist [I.T/U.K] Speedcore Whore [U.K]. Riot [U.K], Cerberus [U.K], Enduser[U.S] 1/3 -Sadistic.Hate RMX [U.K] Junkie Kut [U.K] BMH Squad [U.K] The Reaper vs Riot [U.K] Kurwastlye Project [C.Z] Loffciamcore [P.L] Mental D-struction [F.R] Speedcore Industries [N.L] Noizefucker[N.L]