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Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Noisy Terrorist: Anima Brutale LP - ** FREE** MP3 Download

Atomic Annihilation is proud to present: 
The Noisy Terrorist: Anima Brutale LP (Brutal Soul LP) 

This is a ** FREE** MP3 download from AAR consisting of 13 Tracks of disgustingly hard, fast and distorted Speedcore/Terror, also featuring debut tracks from Mrs Noisy Terrorist!

For those of you that have had the pleasure of hearing the Italian bad boiii, you know what to expect! 

Here's the Track listing: 

1. The Noisy Terrorist - Breath of the Dark Lord 
2. Headqraker - Pallet of Distortion (The Noisy Terrorist Remix) 
3. The Noisy Terrorist - Noisy Band 
4. Mrs Noisy Terrorist - Fear of Death 
5. The Noisy Terrorist & Mrs Noisy Terrorist - Did u Hear That 
6.  The Noisy Terrorist & Mrs Noisy Terrorist  -Time to Play 
7. The Noisy Terrorist - Fuck You 
8. The Noisy Terrorist - Raw & Fear 
9. The Noisy Terrorist - Yes 
10. The Noisy Terrorist - Surprise Me 
11. The Noisy Terrorist - Axis of Evil 
12. Mrs Noisy Terrorist - Dark Mind 
13. The Noisy Terrorist - No Pain No Gain 


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